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Elaboration of natural cosmetics and herbal extracts from volcanic medicinal plants.

The benefits of nature for your daily care and your natural defenses

Enjoy our excellent beauty products and natural cosmetics, improve your health using medicinal plants. Feels like all plant energy of our natural products they take care inside and outside note


Elaboration of CBD Based Products

CBD OIL Elaborated in Lanzarote

Laboratorios Canalanza
In the most delicate process in our laboratories we obtain the purest CBD

In the most delicate process in our laboratories we obtain the purest CBD with a golden honey color and herbal aroma. The base we use for our formula is a 100% Natural Olive Oil. In addition, it´s made without any additives, and always using 100% natural products. Our oil contains 0.1’8% THC legal allowed amount of THC throughout EuropeIt´s made with an olive oil base, without alcohol. Therefore giving it a golden / yellow color

CBD Oil Lanzarote

Bio Hemp CBD OIL Elaborated in Canarias

100% Natural Products: Canalanza is proud to have achieved, after years of hard work, what we consider to be the flagship of our company, the production of natural cosmetic products and plant extracts from medicinal plants

It is also used in many pioneering countries for research as an experimental treatment, being able to combat various ailments given its broad health benefits.


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100% Natural CBD. Elaborated in the Canaries.
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